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January 26, 2001: PeeWeeLinux 0.53.27 has proven to be pretty stable. So here we have PeeWeeLinux 0.60.0. Not much has changed from the previous release except for a new 2.2.17 kernel build to accomodate the pwlconfig kernel build function. The old 2.2.14 kernel has been removed. Due to problems uploading to sourceforge this release is currently only available at

January 12, 2001: There is a new peeweelinux-0.53.27-cfg.tar.gz available. The problem with embedded spaces in custom files and directory names should be fixed now. Please check the handling of custom files and directories carefully in this release! Thanks to Dean Brown for pointing out the problem with custom files and Ralph Stickley for the hints on how to improve logging!

December 21, 2000: It's been a great year and I wish to thank everyone that has contributed to improving PeeWeeLinux by trying it, testing it and reporting all those nasty bugs that make life difficult on occassion. Suggestions of improvements whether it be additional packages or configuration options are always welcome. A very Merry Christmas and a great New Year to everyone!

December 20, 2000: Fixed bug in pwl_target_load and pwl_target_functions script that caused target load actions to malfunction on systems using bash-2.03. Now pwlconfig works with bash-1.x and bash-2.x. To apply the update simply download and extract peeweelinux-0.53.25-cfg.tar.gz.

December 17, 2000: Fixed bugs and added features in the pwlconfig scripts. PeeWeeLinux 0.53.24 can be found in the usual locations on SourceForge and Only the peeweelinux-0.53.24-cfg.tar.gz archive is required to upgrade from an older version.

December 12, 2000: Fixed the bugs that were reported since 0.53.22. Details can be found as always in the Changelog. Download just the peeweelinux-0.53.23-cfg.tar.gz archive to update any older PeeWeeLinux release. The complete binary and source distributions should be on SourceForge and shortly.

December 7, 2000: There is a bug in pwlconfig which causes the configuration file upgrade to corrupt the configuration file (project.defaults). Either upgrade by installing peeweelinux-0.53.22-cfg.tar.gz or make sure sure you reset the configuration file instead of converting it. The complete PeeWeeLinux 0.53.22 release will be available on SourceForge and shortly.

December 5, 2000: PeeWeeLinux 0.53.21, the latest development release of PeeWeeLinux is now available on SourceForge and Details of changes can be found in the Changelog.

November 6, 2000: fixes a significant bug in pwl_pkgmgr and some minor bugs which were all introduced in the 0.53.8 release.

November 2, 2000: A new look to the website! How do you like it? In the new Products section you'll find some nifty items that are great for embedded development.

November 1, 2000: Just finished uploading a new beta release. To obtain the latest version of the pwlconfig files grab It will extract all the pwlconfig related files into the Embedded_Build directory.

October 20, 2000: PeeWeeLinux now has a home on the IRC network. Just look for the #PeeWeeLinux channel.

October 18, 2000: To update PeeWeeLinux 0.52 to 0.53 extract the pwl_scr-0.97g.tar.gz file in the Embedded_Build directory. It will replace the existing pwlconfig scripts with the newest versions.

October 18, 2000: PeeWeeLinux 0.53 is now available. Highlights of this release are:
- Target build functions integrated into pwlconfig
- New 2.2.17 kernel
- A few bugfixes More details can be found in Changelog.
Find the new PeeWeeLinux 0.53 release at the customary locations:

March 20, 2000: The PeeWeeLinux development tree is now available for browsing online. Take a look at the individual files and packages available.